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Quickweed™ Retro Rainbow Heat Transfer Vinyl 17.8"

Starting at $17.99 per yard
Yards Price Per Yard
1 $17.99
5 $14.80
10 $13.81
25 $12.81
54 $12.01

Looking for the best way to make creative and unique designs that make an impact? Our DECOFLEX RETRO RAINBOW adds a new dimension to the world of crafting. Reminiscent of a time when smiles were the norm, this reaches back in true retro form. Lightweight and easy to weed, it takes standard design to the next level. Imagine one look in standard light and a rainbow of color at night. Yes, it's possible. Part of our reflective series, we use reflected light on the HTV to create a rainbow or "aurora" type effect.

Sure to fly off the shelves, large and small companies and organizations can add variety to their crafting arsenal. No matter how ingenious or intricate the design, this HTV can handle it. It’s time to step out of the comfort zone and do something different! Stand out from the crowd with this splash of color that stretches and bends with ease. What's old always becomes new again - go ahead, make a statement. It’s worth it.

  • Adhesive Backing: Yes
  • Material: PU
  • Thickness: 150 Micron
  • Washing Durability: Rated for 50 wash cycles
  • Cut: Mirrored
  • Blade: 45°
  • Cutting Speed: 25 cm/s
  • Pressure: 150 gf
  • Application Temperature: 305° F
  • Pressure: Medium
  • Press Time: 8 – 10 Seconds
  • Peel: Hot Peel

CPSIA Certification

CPSIA Certificate

⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to