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AmeriFLEX™ Quickweed™ Reflective Twinkle Heat Transfer Vinyl 20"

Starting at $10.99 per yard
Yards Price Per Yard
1 $10.99
5 $9.04
10 $8.43
25 $7.82
55 $7.33

If you want to add twinkle to your apparel, then AmeriFLEX™’s DECOFLEX TWINKLE REFLECTIVE GLITTER is the best way to do it! Unlike most heat transfer vinyl products, this features a glossy, silicone-like surface that gives added shine to help the dazzling look stand out even more. twinkle  gives you a reflective texture that is similar to glitter, but it is much finer than actual glitter. Reflections are bright and brilliant, capturing light like tiny gemstones.

This is a brand new product to the industry, one that is catching on fast because of the intense shades and beautiful flash. DECOFLEX REFLECTIVE GLITTER is available in 11 color shades.

  • Adhesive Backing: Yes
  • Material: PVC
  • Thickness: 170 Micron
  • Washing Durability: Rated for 30 - 40 wash cycles
  • Cut: Mirrored
  • Blade: 45°
  • Cutting Speed: 30 cm/s
  • Pressure: 130 gf
  • Application Temperature: 305° F
  • Pressure: Medium
  • Press Time: 8 - 10 Seconds
  • Peel: Cold Peel

⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to